About Us

Our attention is on sound choices, utilising all encompassing fixings to give a clean however marginally liberal option in contrast to items at present accessible available.

We are a little family run business with over 20 years in the food industry and just under 10 years in the Vape industry. We generally plan to work with similarly invested organizations while sourcing/fabricating our items and are lucky to have developed a decent affinity with providers throughout the years. This gives us significant serenity that the items we offer you the purchaser, are straightforward, high caliber and as successful as they can be.

I’m a firm beleiver the food we eat is our medicine, Food is a need, it gives sustenance to body, psyche and soul. In any case, food additionally needs to light energy, it ought to be about satisfaction and control without being excessively prohibitive. At Elite CBD Olis we are devoted to adding to the happiness regarding nourishment for everyone’s benefit of wellbeing, while furnishing you with a trace of guilty pleasure – balance is the way to life span and satisfaction, we all know health is wealth! You have one taken shots at all the sublime things throughout everyday life, grasp them proudly yet compassionately and without turning out to be wrapped by the authoritative opinion of a delicate new age.

Consistency is critical, and we plan to reliably please! Over the coming years, our point is to build up a full scope of fascinating mixes and liberal supplement rich lattes/drinks. While we don’t guarantee that a solitary fixing or mix of fixings in our mixes will phenomenally change your wellbeing or in reality your life, we do guarantee that reliable utilization of our beverages will bring about the fulfillment that you are at any rate attempting to improve your wellbeing. By picking something regular and liberated from counterfeit added substances/fillers, you will be giving your body a strong establishment to flourish. The main assurance we do offer, is to put a grin all over.
Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. We recommend that you check with your GP/Doctor before starting a new dietary supplement.